80% of active record companies in Indonesia are members of the Indonesian Recording Industry Association.

The Indonesian Recording Industry Association or better known as ASIRI, is an association of 80 Record Companies located throughout Indonesia. These are companies that produce and distribute Indonesian-produced music and foreign music. 80% of active recording companies in Indonesia are ASIRI members.

ASIRI was founded in 1978 and its existence continues to grow to become the leader at the forefront in overcoming the problems faced by the Recording Industry in Indonesia, especially in the current era of online music distribution and mobile channels.

ASIRI continues to actively provide education and to love Indonesian music and anti-piracy campaigns that evoke the spirit of protecting music in general and Indonesian music in particular.

ASIRI also supports the development of music industry creativity by providing annual music awards such as Anugerah Musik Indonesia.

ASIRI Management

ASIRI is managed by the most experienced professionals in the Indonesian recording industry.


Gumilang Ramadhan



Board of Director

William Chow

Vice Chairman II

Rahayu Kertawiguna

Board of Director

Toto Widjojo

Board of Director

Jusak Irwan Sutiono

Board of Director

Wisnu Surjono